1 hour 15 min Library @ Esplanade
Experience an afternoon of FREE live classical music performed by students of Tanglewood Music School. They’ll be featuring music by Handel, Mozart, Pugnani, Kreisler, Shostakovich and more!
1.5 hours Tanglewood Auditorium
Students of Tanglewood Music School will be performing in a recital at Tanglewood Auditorium on 25th May from 7-8pm. There’ll be exciting repertoire of violin, piano, vocal, flute, guitar and chamber music.
4 hours Tanglewood Auditorium
Come and watch Cellist Yoon-Kyung Cho as she conducts a masterclass at Tanglewood Music School on 9th June from 5-9pm. She will be performing with pianist, Abigail Sin, and violinist, Loh Jun Hong, for a 2 nights concert at the
20 minutes Night Safari Entrance Plaza
Tanglewood’s very own violin and guitar ensembles will be performing at Singapore Night Safari’s Entrance Plaza from 6pm to 620pm. It will be an amazing evening of fun and music. Please spread the word!
Tanglewood Auditorium
Polish virtuoso pianist Dr Krystian Tkaczewski returns to Tanglewood Music School for a one-day event, Piano Lecture & Masterclass, featuring the various National Dances from Poland.
7:30 pm Tanglewood Auditorium