We pride ourselves in producing many outstanding violinists since over nearly two decades. Many of them have won awards internationally and performed in many events even at a young age.

Violin lessons at Tanglewood are designed to teach students of all ages from beginner to diploma level.

Our unique volin curriculum not only complements the ABRSM and Trinity syllabus, it would enable you to achieve up to Grade 8 more quickly without having the pressure of taking external exams at each grade. We believe this can increase your interest in music and reduce exam stress.

If you are interested in learning to play the violin only but not taking ABRSM or Trinity exams, our curriculum allows you to learn and master the right skills in a structured manner as you could be assess by our in-house jury if you choose to do so.

Furthermore, our curriculum will expose you to wider range of music repertoire. Together with the numerous performance events that you can participate in, you will improve your piano playing enjoyment, performance confidence and abilities.

You can learn to master violin through one-to-one lessons or in an ensemble setting where you will learn about teamwork and foster close friendships with fellow students.

If you are interested in learning piano with us or just want to find out more, please contact us at or 6733-1730. 

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