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Why Join Tanglewood Family?

Do you have wish to combine your interest in Music and Education? By joining Tanglewood Music School, you have a unique opportunity to combine these interests with the help from our strong branding and management support.

Established and Trusted Quality Brand in Music Education

Tanglewood Music School has provided high quality music education to children, teenagers and adults for nearly two decades. Many of our students have won numerous competitions and awards in Singapore and internationally. Throughout these years, our students have achieved excellent ABRSM and Trinity exam results. In the recent round of ABRSM exams, nearly 85% of our students achieved distinction and merit. Although our students have performed well in exams, we go beyond that as we believe nurturing our students’ interest and skills in music are our most important goal. Hence, we ensure as many of our students as possible are given the opportunity to perform. By joining us, you are joining a family that believes stands for providing high quality offerings to our customers.

Ability to Attract and Retain Excellent Teachers and Staff

Quality of teachers is of paramount importance in education. Due to our long history and reputation, we can attract and retain some of the best music teachers and staff. By joining us, we will take care of teaching staff recruitment and training so that you can focus on other aspects of the business.

Extensive Marketing Support

Tanglewood Music School’s website is consistently placed on the first page of Google search results for music related education searches. We have strong social media presence as well. Hence, you will get to benefit from our strong marketing presence in the digital space. Other than that, we will assist you in Public Relations and print advertising so that you will get to benefit from our marketing efforts.

Excellent Curriculum Support

Our curriculum is based on our unique pedagogy developed by our Western trained senior teachers. By following our strong curriculum, our students need not feel the pressure to take external exams for each grade as we have our own exceptional grading and assessment system.

Participate in Numerous Events and Competitions

We believe learning shouldn’t stop in the classrooms. Your students will be able to participate in the numerous performances, tours, masterclasses, events and competitions that we organize for the group. This will enable them to enjoy their music education far more. You could stand to benefit from the revenue generated by these activities as well.

Established Systems and Guidelines

We have excellent systems and guidelines in place to support the management of your school. Hence, you could save valuable time and resources in the process.

Strong Partnerships with Suppliers

We have tied up very strong partnerships with reputable companies such as Steinway & Sons, Tong Ming Xi, Gramercy etc. Hence, you can offer pianos, violins and other instruments to your students.

Highly Attractive and Stable Returns

As a Tanglewood Music School franchise owner and operator, you will get to enjoy highly attractive and stable returns over many years. 

We Want You To Succeed

Most importantly, we want you to be successful in operating a Tanglewood Music School. Hence, we will strive to help you succeed in this business as we understand that only if you succeed, we will succeed as well.

If you are excited about joining us after reading all these. Please contact us by emailing or call 6681-6713 or click or fill up the form below and we will contact you for a discussion as soon as possible.


Contact us to know more about our franchise program

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Contact us to know more about our franchise program