Ms Yafen Wang


Ms. Yafen Wang boasts a diverse performance background encompassing classical, pop music, and music composition, including recitals, piano accompaniment, and chamber music. Additionally, she has considerable experience in music activity planning.

In 2006, she successfully earned her Master’s Degree from the Graduate Institute of Collaborative Piano at Tainan National University. Subsequently, in 2009, she gained admission to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Over the past year, Ms. Wang has showcased her talents at various prestigious venues. Notable performances include playing at the Concert Hall of the National Art and Culture Center of Weiwuying, where she participated as the piano co-star in the “Dunxian Fifteen Strings Come to Wushi” concert hosted by the Taipei Municipal Dunhua National String Orchestra, featuring the Rachmaninoff Piano Trio.

In the main hall of Zhongshan Hall, she collaborated with the MoJoFun Cello Chamber Orchestra in the “Ode to the Piano” concert, contributing as the piano accompanist for the entire performance. Additionally, she joined forces with the MoJo Fun Cello Chamber Orchestra to deliver a captivating rendition of the first movement of Piano Concerto No. 2 in a solo capacity.

At the Xinyi Elementary School Exhibition Hall in Keelung City, Ms. Wang played a pivotal role as the piano collaborator in a concert co-organized by South Korean violinist Li Mincheng and U.S.-based violinist Xue Jing’an.

Furthermore, she took on the role of general planner, host, and performance guest in two “Colourful Christmas, Glorious Keelung” Christmas parties jointly organized by the Keelung Municipal Government and Keelung YMCA Association, held at the Keelung Ocean Plaza.

Ms Yafen is currently teaching Piano, Piano Accompaniment, Aural at Tanglewood Music School.