Ms Alice Chan


Ms. Alice Chan is a senior music teacher with 10 years of experience in music education. She graduated in Bachelor’s Degree in Music and has accomplished her Master’s in Education highlighting her interest in Music Education.

Ms Alice has expertise in teaching classical and pop piano, assisting students towards achieving distinctive examination results. Apart from that, she teaches various musical instruments including keyboard, guitar, saxophone, and ukulele. As a music teacher, Ms Alice is patient, articulate, and whimsical. Her virtuosity, knowledge of relating music theory with the practical, and kindness toward students made her a valued and esteemed teacher. She worked well with various age groups of students, ranging from young children to adult learners, and her teaching has led to dedicated students.

Ms Alice has great experience in performing, throughout her years of teaching.

Ms Alice is currently teaching Piano, Guitar, Music Theory, Aural, and Accompaniment at Tanglewood Music School.