Our international competition winners in Jan & Feb 2018

We are pleased to announce our competition winners from different international music festival and competitions in 2018. Congratulations to our students and big thanks to our teachers Dr Iryna Vokhmyanina, Ms Elza Nartadjieva and Ms Nina Brankovanova for nurturing our students to strive for the best! 

There will be upcoming winners’ concert in the respective events so stay tuned as we announce the confirmed performances.

2nd Brilliant Talent Discovery Awards
International Music Competition Winners

Intermediate Category
Aigul Braakman – Gold (Piano)
Loh Xin Zhi – Gold (Piano)

Emerging Category
Lim Hur – Special Prize: Russian Music (piano)

Junior Category
Raeanne Wong – Silver (violin)
Clement Yap – Special Prize: Romantic Music (piano)
Jonathan Leong – Special Prize: Jazz Fusion (piano)

YoungTalents Category
Lian Lei Yean – Bronze (violin)
Lian Li Yean – Bronze (violin)

Vienna Virtuoso Festival & Competition 2018

Loh Xin Zhi – First Place (piano)
Natasha Lee – Second Place (piano)
Jonathan Leong – Second Place (piano)

Vienna Grand Prize Virtuoso
International Music Competition 2018

Christine Koh – First Absolute Prize (violin)

North International Music Competition

Clement Yap – Grand Prize (piano)
Jolie Loh – Silver Prize (piano)
Loh Xin Zhi – Bronze Prize (piano)

American Protege International 
Piano and Strings Competition 2018

Christine Koh – First Place (violin)

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