AMADEUS International School Vienna opens doors for Singapore’s Music Prodigies

What does it take to be music virtuoso? Practice hard, for sure, but take care too, that your mental and social development keeps pace with the physical and technical, to produce a well- rounded individual and artist.

This is the philosophy behind the curriculum that AMADEUS International School Vienna offers to young musicians hoping to conquer the world’s most prestigious performance stages.

AMDEUS International School Vienna provides high-standard classical music training from professional musicians as well as international academic education.

The school offers the International Baccalaureate-curriculum-based Primary Year Programme (PYP) and Middle Year Programme (MYP) to students from Grades 1 to 10 for 2013/2014 and IB Diploma Program (IBDP) from 2015.

These students will graduate with an International Baccalaureate Diploma coupled with high quality classical music training, which will enable them to enrol in either top conservatories or universities around the world.

Children who are musically-talented or show strong interest in music will now have an avenue to develop their interest in music without sacrificing their academic studies.

“We recognise that most parents are concerned that if they allow their children to pursue a pure music education at a young age, they may miss out on having an all-rounded education. They are also unsure whether their children will pursue a music career in their adult life. The objective of AMADEUS International School Vienna is to enable these musically-talented students to be trained by professional musicians and at the same time not neglect their academic studies. In other words, these students will have an option to pursue another professional career later on in life besides being a musician,” said Professor Günter Boos, Principal of AMADEUS International School Vienna.

The school is now recruiting top students in Asia. Here in Singapore, it has appointed Tanglewood Music School as its centre for student recruitment and preparation for admissions, giving young musically-gifted Singaporeans a perfect venue to hone their craft.AMADEUS International School Vienna is nestled in the cradle of classical music and offers world-class boarding facilities for full board and day board, as well as tutelage under renowned musicians. Vienna, the capital of classical music, was also voted the best city to live in by Mercer’s Quality of Living survey in 2012.

As the Singapore centre for recruitment and admissions, Tanglewood Music School will hold auditions and prepare students for enrolment in AMADEUS International School Vienna.

Goos said the audition and recruitment process would involve short academic tests in English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. To test their music talent, potential students must either perform live or send in their video clips – anything that can show their deep interest in pursuing classical music.

The school’s rigorous academic curriculum includes subjects like Mathematics, Science, Theory of knowledge and Languages. Students will graduate with English and German, of which English is the standard classroom language.

The curriculum is augmented by a music programme at the AMADEUS Music Academy where music lessons will be tailored to each student’s specific needs.In addition to individual training sessions with world-renowned musicians, there will be competitions, workshops and master classes. These will enable the students to realise their aspirations to become full-fledged musicians.


Brendan’s School of Choice

The school has awarded the “Special Youth Talent Scholarship” to 14-year-old cello prodigy Brendan Goh – the first Singaporean to be admitted in the school.

The young cellist will be under the tutelage of Franz Bartolomey – who is the Principal Cello Teacher at AMADEUS International School Vienna and solo principal cellist of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

“I feel very privileged to be awarded the “Special Youth Talent Scholarship” to study at AMADEUS International School Vienna. The programme there enables me to be trained under a professional cellist without missing out on my studies. I enjoyed the master class at AMADEUS Music Academy during my school holidays because I have made many like-minded friends from around the world who like me, were also there to learn music,” said Brendan Goh.

The young boy was introduced to the Singapore classical music scene in 2011 when he staged his first full concerto, aptly-titled ‘Metamorphosis’ at Chijmes Hall.

Using his 1730 Paolo Antonio Testore cello, he tackled from memory the full Cello Concerto in C composed by Franz Josef Haydn.

Proceeds from that concert and sales of his debut CD titled “A Brand New Day” amounting to S$10,000 were donated to the Business Times Budding Artists Fund, which provides financial assistance to other artistically-gifted children.

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