ABRSM Examination Results, September 2016

Congratulations to all of our students for an outstanding result in the September 2016 ABRSM Practical Examinations! Well done!


Students of Distinction
Instrument Level Instrument Level
Adlina Binte Ashar Violin Grade 8 Jolie Loh Piano Grade 8
Caitlin Wen Shaan Cheung Violin Grade 2 Luther Low Xue Yuan Violin Grade 1
Alfred Choo Chi Nold Piano Grade 7 Jonathan Ng Wei Zheng Violin Grade 3
Eu Mei Yi Violin Grade 1 Ong Yue Tong Piano Grade 3
Feng San Chuan Piano Grade 4 Oo En Lin Inez Violin Grade 1
Emy Christina Imanishi Piano Grade 4 Quek Hoe Choon Piano Grade 3
Tomoko Sarah Imanishi Piano Grade 4 Christiana Emmanuell Sarte Doe Cello Grade 1
Christine Koh Sing Yi Violin Grade 5 Wee Dingrui Piano Grade 4
Kumar Vir Guitar Grade 1 Wee Dingzhi Piano Grade 1
Kaelyn Leow Tiam Lin Cello Grade 3

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