"When our son told us he wanted to learn to play an instrument, we encouraged and supported him to do so. We enrolled him at Tanglewood and he enjoyed his classes in playing the guitar. His interest in music has increased. He remained enthusiastic about learning the instrument and this is a result of his weekly engagement with his teacher. His teacher is engaging in style of teaching. He is warm and patient. He is able to generate interest and passion in learning with his students. He also gives balanced feedback which I appreciate.

I would definitely reccomend Tanglewood for its teachers, ambience, helpful staff and its competitive pricing. The reception staff is excellent. I am always reminded of an upcoming class and changes in the schedule required by me and they are very accomodating."

- Mrs Kavita Kalia

November 2016


"Before sending my daughter to Tanglewood, I was concerned whether my daughter will be able to adapt to the new teaching style and foreign accent. When she started learning at Tanglewood, I was pleased with their playing style and their conducive learning environment. They are able to prepare their students well for exams and provide many opportunities to perform. Accompanists are also available. Their teachers train their students to experience performance playing instead of learning just for exam."

- Mrs Evelyn Lee

November 2016


"Consistent instruction has helped both my children with their music ability. Thier teachers undertand them very well and is professional and patient. Tanglewood provides quality music instruction and education. The teachers also are very considerate towards the child's ability and needs as an individual."

- Mrs Janice Reis

November 2016


"Filomena's progress has been very fast eversince I enrolled my daughter at Tanglewood Music School. Their facilities are awesome! They have a large auditorium for recitals with Steinway grand pianos and cozy classrooms. The teaching method is different from the school my daughter attended before she was enrolled at Tanglewood.

Their teachers are professionals with high qualification and achievements. They posses passion in teaching every child in every single detail. In addition, their teachers also emphasize more in the discipline of practicing. Lots of practice with close progress monitoring and weekly feedback. They are not only teaching but also inspire students!

Before I enrolled my daughter at Tanglewood, she learnt piano from another school but the progress was dragging.  I decided to transfer her to Tanglewood and I was surprised to see that she progressed very well! In the past 2 ABRSM exams with Tanglewood, she received a very high distinction with highest score at 146 despite the fact that me and my wife are both music illiterate. My daughter's interest in piano has tremendously changed to a higher level and we are very happy with that.

Bravo Tanglewood!"

- Mr Andrias Sudiarto Adi

October 2015


"Since I started learning at Tanglewood Music School, I was pleased by the high quality and experience of the teachers! All of them are music lovers. They enjoy teaching and they know how to impart their skills to students. They keep moulding them to the next level.

With Tanglewood, you get top quality lessons. The teachers are serious about the progress and it's definitely worth the money and time investment."

- Ms Mitchell Chan

October 2015


"The teachers understand the students' strengths and weakness. They provide appropriate recommendation in accordance to their pace.

We would reccomend Tanglewood Music School! Elijah's love for the violin and his progress is a testament to the teaching methods at Tanglewood."

- Ms Heng Ai Ling

October 2015


"Being a westerner, we might not have fitted in and concerned that the teacher would have been demanding student too much of practice.  Riley's guitar teacher at Tanglewood Music School was wonderful. He knew how to encourage and get the best of him in a positive way. He challenged Riley but wasn't pushy considering he has many other activities. His teacher understands how Riley thinks and can tell if he's getting upset or frustrated and alters what he is doing, but at the same time he makes Riley do his best!"

-Mrs Sarah Smith

October 2015


My initial impression of Tanglewood Music School focused more on violin and cello. Hence, I was not sure if the piano teachers are good. When my son started learning at Tanglewood, I found that the teachers are not only well-qualified, but they are also very dedicated in teaching. My son has grown to love music! His younger brother also got interested in learning music. Now, he is learning both piano and violin.

The teachers at Tanglewood have the patience towards kids and have a systematic way to guide children. They are more qualified as compared to the teachers at other music schools in Singapore. I would strongly recommend Tanglewood Music School.

-Ms Chin Ying Lay

October 2015


At first, I was concerned if my son is able to learn the guitar in a condusive learning environment. The one-to-one lessons really helped Seth to focus and learn well!

His guitar teacher is professional and imparts discipline to learning the instrument. I would recommend Tanglewood Music School.

-Mr Daniel Wong

October 2015


I was initially concerned if the teachers at Tanglewood Music School adapts to new learning style. It was great to know that the teachers are highly qualified and encourages students to perform. The quality of their teaching style has pleased me the most. With many opportunities to perform and and good teachers, I would recommend Tanglewood.

-Mrs Evelyn Lee

October 2015